Herpause Cream - for relief from herpes syndromes

  • Alleviates Pain Quickly
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Prevents Eruption (when applied at the tinging stage)
  • Reduces Relapses of Viral Infection
  • Does Not Need Refrigerating
  • Pleasant Natural (Herbal) scent
2000 1998
Tel HaShomer Hospital, Kiryat Ono, Israel Conducted by PHARMAYEDA
A study of 67 otherwise healthy adults with frequently recurring perioral herpes (greater than or equal to 1 episode per month), in a double-blind trial comparing Herpause with zovirax for suppression of recurrent infection. The patients were treated for 8 days unless herpes recurred. A group of patients received treatment at different stages - from
prevention till several days after eruption - try the product and report their experiences.
A total of 61 patients, 25 in the HERPESNAT group (7 men and 18 women, mean age = 44.7 +/- 15.7 years), and 35 in the ZOVIRAX group (12 men and 22 women, mean age = 34.5 +/- 14.5 years) completed the study and follow-up period, 100% and 85%, respectively.

Conclution: Treatment with Herpause appears to be at least as effective as ZOVIRAX and with fewer side effects.
  • 16 - in various stages after lesions appeared - immediate relief noted.
  • 36 - preventative - 26 patients prevented eruption despite experiencing the tingling sensation several times. In the other 10 patients, lesions started but did not develop further.
  • Field studies have so far shown very good results with a substantial decrease in both the severity and healing time of Herpes. Also noted was a decrease in recurrence of Herpes lesions.

Purfection Solution & Cream - combination day & night acne treatment

Not only powerful cream that treats the skin at night, but also a transparent solution that can be used and warn all day – fighting acne 24/7!
Since Purfection does not dry the skin, it is suitable people in their 20’s and 30’s suffering from acne (over 25% of population, according to recent studies).

  • Enhances healing
  • Does not dry skin!
  • Pleasant herbal Scent
Purfection field study >>
Conducted by PHARMAYEDA
82 teenagers with mild to moderate can try the product and report
their experiences.
  • 71 report being “very satisfied”
  • 9 report being “satisfied”
  • 2 report they “did not like the product”

Calmdown Cream - for alleviating pain and healing burns

Based on a combination of pure herbal extracts including Arnica,
Rosmarinus and Devil’s Claw, Calmdown provides instant relief from
burn pain and dramatically accelerates the skin’s natural healing
Calmdown cream is light and non-greasy, absobed quickly and has a
pleasent rosmary scent.