PHARMAYEDA’s Proven Success: Terminits

On sale in around 40 countries worldwide under different brands, PHARMAYEDA’s Terminits is proven a ground breaking product. It was the first no-pesticide anti-lice product in the world. It is proven to kill over 98% of lice and lice eggs.

It’s being sold for 20 years, and is the only anti-lice product that has been in the market for so long which lice had not developed a resistance to.

The formula contains the oils of coconut, ylang-ylang and anise, which also contributes to the product’s
signature aroma. Thanks to this natural active base, the treatment can be used repeatedly with no adverse affects.

Terminits is fast acting, easily applied, easily washed after treatment, and leaves hair easy to comb.

Sold worldwide under different brands, you may know Terminits as:

Sold around the world since 1999.
Was distributed By Omega Pharma in over 37 countries.
Reached sales of over 40M€.
By 2012 Paranix sales in 35 countries held 25%
share of market!
Paranix is registered as Medical Device Class 1 in

* Paranix is a registred trademark of Omega Pharma

Chik Chak
is an Israeli house-hold brand name. It
has been sold in Israel since 1996.
Between 2005-2017 Chik Chak was manufactured and marketed By Teva.

Since 2018 it is marketed by Floris under the name Rosh Shaket.

New Terminits

NO MORE - Our New Ground Breaking Anti Lice Product!
Over the years we have further developed the Terminits formula, so that it acts
faster, it is more effective in killing eggs, and contains less alcohol.
Applied as a spray, New Terminits is available in either an anise or a rosemary

• Applied as spray
• Active Natural ingredients
• Only 1 treatment needed
• Kills 100% of lice & over 95%
of eggs in 5 minutes (lab-tests)

NO MORE - Our New Ground Breaking Anti Lice Product!

Kills 100% of lice and eggs in 5 minutes, as displayed in laboratory tests.

Detaches most of lice eggs from hair in 1 treatment, as displayed in laboratory tests.

Patent Pending Product

  • No Pesticides
  • Available as an easy to apply lotion
  • Detaches most of eggs from hair
  • Only one treatment needed!

NO MORE CE mark granted, for the following actions:

  • Coating lice
  • Obstructing respiratory system
  • Dehydration of lice